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Why The Bible and Science Used to be in Conflict?

In today’s world, followers of various religions present references from their religious books that there is no contradiction between science and religion. From the science perspective, the idea of existence is based on logic and physical evidence. There are such who claim that religions are beyond logic and enforce beliefs in supernatural things. The major conflicts are based on the ideology of human evolution. There are also a number of scientists who have the opinion that they feel extremely satisfied viewing the world from the scientific and religious point of view. But there have been plenty of times when both fields came in conflicts.
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The Conflict About Human Evolution

According to Darwin’s idea, all species on the Earth, including man, were developed over time and it took some time that they have been changed, evolved and appeared to be what they are today. This is very much against the biblical idea that all species on the Earth are formed as per their kind by the Almighty God. This is clearly described in the first chapter of Genesis, the biblical scripture. This point of view was also in contradiction with many other beliefs such as Islam and, of course, the science, which states that human being has a special place in the natural order, and that human being used to have a tail like other mammals in the beginning. This means that Adam could not look like a human according to the scientific theory.

Evidence Vs Miracles

Science asks for evidence but in religion, believing without seeing is a virtue. Bible tells many stories of miracles of Jesus and life after death. Science needs evidence for that. Nevertheless, there are a lot of people in the United States who believe in various types of miracles and religion. Hence, 74 percent of the U.S. residents believe in God, 68 percent have faith in the divinity of Jesus, around 65 percent believe in Heaven, 57 percent believe that Jesus was born from virgin Marry. Science says that males and females gametes are necessary to create a human being. It has a clear contradiction with the birth of Jesus mentioned in the Bible. God itself is a supernatural phenomenon for science but miracles and presence of God are the basis of any religion.

Science Is Logic-Based and Human Have Emotions Feelings

What we have to analyze is that human being has these two aspects of life. They need to explore the facts but at the same time, they have an inborn feeling of praying and asking someone supernatural for help. There are things beyond human control, for example, death, infertility, getting old and many more things. Therefore we must see the study of nature from the scientific perspective where it is needed and the supernatural view through a religious lens.
Being a religious and science believer is possible and maybe that’s because God's knowledge is beyond what we can comprehend today. Today it is time when science rejects a lot of its theories and come up with something that is in harmony with the scriptures.