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Model Biblical Village & Living Museum of Bible Life and Times
At Jerusalem's Ein Yael Active Museum – Opposite the Tisch Family Biblical Zoo

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An Historic Location With A Storied Past in the Heart of the Land of the Bible

ISRAEL BIBLE VALLEY is being built on a large tract of land embracing the historic Valley of Elah midway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, a half hour drive from each. See the map below.

It was here the love story of Ruth and Boaz unfolded, and where young David fought the giant Goliath in Emek HaElah. Visitors will see a dramatization of David & Goliath fighting right in Emek HaElah where the Bible describes this having taken place 3,000 years ago.

Through this valley King David led the triumphant procession that brought the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem, where it eventually rested in the Temple that Solomon later built.

More than 100 ancient archeological sites have been identified nearby. Many have yet to be excavated. Visitors to Israel Bible Village may sign up for a day-long “ Dig-for-A-Day ” — a half day of excavating under the supervision of an archeologist and a half-day seminar in methodologies, sorting findings, and videos of recent finds in Bible Valley.

On this historic site, ISRAEL BIBLE VALLEY will enable every citizen and foreign visitor to experience first-hand Israel’s town and farming experience in ancient times in the land of the Bible.