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  • Put on your walking shoes and join a guided hike in the footsteps of the Bible to the very places where
    significant events took place 2,500- 3,000 years ago.
  • Walk the same routes taken by Joshua, King David, Samson and other “Children of Israel” on a guided
    walking tour.
  • Stand at the very place where David & Goliath were thought to have fought.
  • Ten such hikes will be available.
    Here are a few of them, all led by professional guides and Bible experts:

Follow King David’s route leading the ark back to Jerusalem…

The Ark, which contained the 10 Commandments, and which was the most treasured and holy possession of the Israelites from the time of Moses, fell into the hands of the Philistines in one of the continual wars they waged against the tribes of Israel.

Eventually it was rescued from them at Ekron, a major Philistine town and brought in a procession thru Bible Valley on its way to Jerusalem. King David led it by dancing joyfully at the head of the procession thru Bible Valley on the way to Jerusalem, accompanied by Levites singing and playing Biblical instruments. This hike will follow a section of the route taken by them.

Walk in the footsteps of Joshua, conqueror of the Land of Canaan….

Joshua was selected by Moses, along with 12 other men of Israel to spy out the territory on the western side of the Jordan River and figure out how best the Israelites could conquer it. This hike will have a close look at the area described in the book of Deuteronomy, which will be read and discussed.

The lush orchards of the area will be visited as will the abundant pasture land, the beautiful gardens rich with fruit trees and the sweet aroma of herbs and spices growing wild ever since the Children of Israel conquered “The Land of Milk & Honey”.

Hike to the place where David the Shepherd confronted Goliath with his slingshot….

Hike from David’s birthplace in Bet Lechem (Bethlehem) to the Valley of Elah (part of Bible Valley), where he brought provisions to his brothers fighting the Philistines with the army of the tribes of Israel.

The battlefield will be explored, including where David faced the giant of a man, Goliath, armed with nothing but his slingshot and the pebbles he picked up from the bed of the nearby stream. This chapter will be read and discussed from the Book of II Samuel, and the life of David before he became king will be examined.

Visit the place where the Philistines were defeated by Kings Saul and David….

The hike begins at the top of Tel Azekah, viewing in the distance the foothills of Judah, the Elah Valley, as far as the Mediterranean coast and the Philistine cities lining it.

The battles between the Israelites and the Philistines will be imagined, based on the Biblical descriptions, and about which the daughters of Israel sang, “Saul killed thousands and David tens of thousands”.

Visit Samson’s hometown and hear his heroic story….

Samson’s traditional grave will be visited and the story of his act of heroism in destroying the Philistine temple will be discussed and read from the Bible in II Samuel.

The tour will continue on to Zorah on a nearby mountain range, and the hikers will gaze upon the very same view that young Samson saw while still living in his parents home nearby, 3000 years ago.