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Reasons We Don't Read the Bible

Learn the reasons we do not read the Bible, and you will understand why reading it is difficult for most people.
The Bible is the most widely distributed book in the world. Most people have seen, touched, and some have read the Bible from the first to last page. It is also the most famous book in the world.
In this post, I've gathered five reasons that will help you know why you aren't reading the Bible often.

1. Time Constraint or the Lack of Time

This is the biggest reason why people stop reading the Bible. Yes, you have a multitude of tasks to do, from working to studying and finding out how to do my statistics for me.
But this is usually an excuse because if you can create time to watch those movies or go out, there's time for the Bible.
Therefore, all you need to do is plan your time well. It can be as simple as reading the Bible every day for 10 minutes, and by the end of the year, you would have covered and read more.

2. It Is Boring and Complicated

The size and many chapters of the Bible is mostly a turn off for most. Even if they start reading, they get bored easily because there are 66 books and 1,189 chapters. Also, the fact that different sections of the Bible were written by different authors means that the variety can be a struggle for most.
The metaphors, poems, stories, letters, laws, and language used there can make something simple seems complicated or difficult. You will eventually deem Bible reading harder than to pay someone to do my math homework.

3. It Makes for an Uncomfortable Read

As human being, you are bound to make mistakes, and being a believer these, flaws can be against God's teachings. Therefore, when you take and start reading the Bible, it will not be an easy experience. You'll feel guilty and be uncomfortable.
So, when you are uncomfortable or feeling discomfort, you will not read the Bible well or at all.

4. You Are Not Religious or a Christian

A majority of people reading the Bible believe in Christianity and practice that faith. But if you are either an atheist or Hindu, the Bible doesn't seem like important reading material. Some might wonder- why do we need to read the Bible?
There are different religions and beliefs today, but the Bible can be utilized by anyone from a historian to a student. It is not only for religious purposes but can also be for learning. Also, by learning other religions like Christianity using the Bible, you’ll understand their holidays like Christmas and why it is important to them.

5. The Lack of Discipline or Being Undisciplined

If you want to achieve anything, you need to have the self-discipline to take action. This also applies when trying to read the Bible; you have to train yourself to read more.
This means it has to become a habit that you are constantly engaged in. Therefore, by prioritizing Bible reading, you are building up your faith and becoming more knowledgeable.
Bible reading has been made easier with the incorporation of technology. Your phone or device will give you access to the Bible anytime you want it from anywhere you are. When you know the Bible, you learn more about human history, and by touring some places mentioned in the Bible, you get to relive it yourself. So, get your Bible ready and commit to reading a few texts each day.