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A Message From Our Chairman and Our Development Director

ISRAEL BIBLE VALLEY is more than a dream that will soon come true for those of us who love the Bible and treasure its sacred texts. This grand educational park will soon become a world center to share the story of the Book of Books, and instill an appreciation of its timeless truths to generations of today’s young people in search of meaning and relevance in their own lives.

The Bible is not only the literary and historical treasure of Israel, it is our moral and spiritual compass – shared by millions around the world. No book more than the Bible has more influenced the course of history or inspired the lives of countless hundreds of millions of individuals through the ages.

The Bible is the foundation of the Jewish and Christian faiths. It is the single most pervasive influence in shaping the history of Israel as a nation and as a people. Its truths for guiding the lives of individuals and nations are timeless.

Yet the Bible’s timeless relevance is increasingly unknown to younger generations who face a complex and fractured world with a myriad of confusing and conflicting voices clamoring for their allegiance. The Bible can be an anchor of wisdom and counsel for this generation in search of truth and meaning.

ISRAEL BIBLE VALLEY will present the story of the Bible in an exciting, dramatic and innovative manner that will enable those who visit and study here from around the world to understand and appreciate this timeless Word as never before. We believe that for many, it will inspire a love of the Bible that will endure their entire lives.

As Bible lovers, we know that you share this vision. We believe that many of you feel as we do — and we invite you to partner with us in this great undertaking. Together we will touch a new generation with the greatest story ever told and see this dream indeed come true!

Chairman, Israel Bible Valley
Ramat HaSharon, Israel

Director, Development & Resources
Los Angeles – Tel Aviv