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Modern education and religion

People say that religion and education will always have an impact on each other. In fact, there are still schools that are faith or religion-based. But as education has become more modern, its effects on religion has also somewhat changed. With this, students take on religion differently than before. There may be different religions and religious groups that students belong to. But modern education still somehow affects their thoughts, opinions, and faith. If in the past religion affected education and students were asked to follow the beliefs of the school in terms of the religion they follow, today that education has become more modern, students learn more than just following orders from the religion or the school.

Effects of Modern Education on Religion

1. Better awareness

Students these days are more aware of the teachings of religion. They understand it based on their knowledge and comprehension and not on what the superiors are dictating to them. Modern education has taught students to believe and choose the religious group that they would want to join.

2. More religious activities

Modern education has opened doors to students to have more religious activities like prayer meetings, bible studies, religious conferences, and many others. These activities are open to everybody regardless of their religion and beliefs.

3. Religion is not instruction based

Modern education has taught students to have a deeper understanding of their faith and beliefs and not rely on what their religion says. Students are bolder in expressing their faith and not just follow orders from others.

4. Bible reading

Modern education has taught students to be more open to reading the bible. Statistics say that there are now more students who are regularly reading the bible as compared to the past.
Modern education may have changed but its effects on the religious beliefs and activities of students have improved. Now, students practice their religion and beliefs openly and in their own understanding and free will. With this, modern education has done well for students’ religion, faith, and beliefs. Students are not just focused on studies but also on nurturing their faith.
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