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Uzi Baram

Former Member of Knesset

Minister in the Government of Israel

As a former Minister of Tourism, I am thrilled to see Israel Bible Valley developing as a place where the enduring relevance of the Bible’s values to modern day life will be experienced. It will help unite individuals of all ages from every faith and background, creating an opportunity to explore the life and the values of those who lived thousands of years ago so that we can gain a deeper understanding of the meaning of coexistence.

Amos Oz

Prominent Israeli Novelist

As someone who sees the Bible as the bedrock of his cultural identity, I wish to applaud Israel Bible Society for all of its activities in Israel and abroad.

I would like to express my support for this initiative as well as give my blessing to the Friends of Israel Bible Land in Bible-loving communities and congregations around the world.


Charlene & Julius Johnson

Durham, No. Carolina

Anxious too see the places and learn about the people our pastor taught us in Bible class and that our grandchildren studied in Sunday School. Keep us posted when you’ll be ready for visitors and maybe we can organize a church trip.

Dr. Raphael & Nadine Kieval

Newton MA

We are excited about the planned historical park on a biblical theme to be built in Israel. Our children have studied the Bible extensively in school and this would present it in exciting and dramatic terms, bringing it all to life. We’re due for another Israel trip, and this would certainly be the highlight.

Liba & Isaac Wolf

Great Neck, NY

Israel Bible Valley is a phenomenal project. As the parents of three children in Modern Orthodox Jewish Day Schools in America, we can’t wait to be able to take our kids to experience the world of the bible first hand. Not only will it make real for them so much of what they’re learning in school, it also sounds like a fantastic family adventure!

Yaacov Ben-Yakir

Studio City, CA

I was born and educated in Israel, where Biblical sites and history surround you all the time. Now that I’ve seen the fantastic presentation of Israel Bible Valley on line, I’m anxious to make another trip to Israel to see this educational park as soon as it’s ready.

Rob Leinkind

Rob Leinkind

Boston MA

Israel Bible Valley proposes a visionary high-impact strategy that will enable people of all backgrounds to travel back through centuries and see and feel the Biblical text come to life. It is an exciting educational resource whose time has come. I can’t wait to take our boys to Israel to experience this as a family.

Cynthia and Roberto Garcia

South Gate, CA

The time has come, at last, for the entire story of Israel in the land of the Bible to be told in the dramatic ways that ISRAEL BIBLE VALLEY has planned. We can’t wait to visit when it’s done and to take our son for an exciting experience discovering our roots!

Joshua & Maria Benavides

Los Angeles CA

Our family were crypto-Jews until recently when we returned to our ancestral faith lost since the Spanish Inquisition in the 15th century. We are studying the Bible and learning all about the Biblical faith of forefathers. As soon as Israel Bible Valley is completed, we’re planning our first family visit to experience it.

Sam Vincent

Sam Vincent

Des Moines, Iowa

My passion is reading about Biblical archeology, and for years I’ve been dying to visit Israel to participate in an excavation. I think that your “Dig for a Day” program will give not only me, but my whole family, a real exciting summer adventure.