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  • The Bible is the foundation of the Jewish and Christian faiths. It is the single most pervasive influence in shaping the history of Israel as a nation and as a people. The Bible’s truth for guiding the lives of individuals and nations are timeless.

  • The Hebrew Bible is not only the literary and historical treasure of Israel, it is our moral and spiritual compass – shared by more than a billion people around the world. No book more than the Bible has more influenced the course of history or inspired the lives of countless individuals throughout the ages.

  • Yet the Bible’s great stories are increasingly unknown to younger generations who face a complex and fractured world with a myriad of confusing and conflicting voices clamoring for their allegiance. The Bible can be an anchor of wisdom and counsel for this generation in search of truth and meaning.

  • ISRAEL BIBLE PARK will present the story of the Bible in an exciting, dramatic and innovative manner that will enable those who visit and study here from around the world to understand and appreciate its messages as never before. Our Biblical theme park and living museum will make the Bible come alive and enable its values to deeply motivate visitors to the Holy Land.

  • The theme park will interact with international audiences, who may be unable to visit the facility in Israel, via live interactive live webcams, videos of the park’s activities on the web site, and DVDs — thus connecting individuals, youth and adult classrooms, churches and synagogues with on-going happenings at Israel Bible Park.

Founders of Bible Valley Society
March 9th, 2004

  • Itzik Efron — Educator
  • Shlomo Gertner — Architect & Designer
  • Zvi I. Kesseh — Consultant to Managerial Systems
  • Dr. Natan Sas — Urban & Regional planner

Our Goals

  • To enable all sectors of Israeli society, as well as tourists and Bible lovers from around the world, to reclaim the Bible as their own.

  • This will be accomplished by developing Israel Bible Valley into a national and international educational park that will educate through research, dramatization, music and dance leading to an increase in tolerance, understanding and peace between nations and cultures.

  • It is our intention to build the educational park into an international, interfaith center to further a humanistic message of the Book of Books.

  • To build and develop a unique geographical region that will reconstitute the life experience of our forefathers 3,000 years ago for everyone that visits this valley. This will turn into a center for knowledge, culture, archeology, history and ecology for Israelis and tourists – with a special emphasis on children and youth.

  • Our goal is to spread knowledge and appreciation of the Bible and increase tolerance, understanding and peace between nations and cultures. It is our intention to build the educational park into an international/interfaith center to further a humanistic message of the Book of Books.

Public Council

Consul Colette Avital
Former Diplomat in Israel Foreign Affairs Ministry, Israel Consul General to New York
Head of Beit Berl Educational Network

Meir Azari
Reform Rabbi & Director of Bet Daniel, Tel Aviv;
Member of the Board of Governors, Jewish Agency for Israel

Uzi Baram
Former Minister of Tourism and Interior

Yael Dayan
Deputy Mayor of Tel Aviv, Champion of Women’s Rights in Israel,
Former member of Knesset, Author & Novelist

Dr. Yigal Eilam
Professor, Sapir University; Historian of the Modern Jewish Period,
Zionism and the State of Israel

Gen. Shlomo Gazit
Retired IDF General; Former Head of Army Intelligence

Gen. Yoseph Geva
Retired IDF General, former head of one of Israel’s largest business concerns

Ami Gurevitch
Publisher, Linguist and Expert in Bible Studies

Avraham Infeld
Founder and First Director of MEILITZ Center for Jewish-Zionist Education
in Israel; Former International Director of Hillel on college campuses

Abraham Katz-Oz
Former Member of Knesset & Minister of Agriculture

Yoram T’har Lev
Bible expert and one of the best known and beloved poets of Israel

Yaron London
Journalist, TV News Commentator; Host of Daily Current Affairs Program on TV; Winner of the Prestigious Sokolov Award — the highest honor paid to Israeli journalists

Amos Oz
Worldwide renown Israeli activist, novelist and author; winner ISRAEL PRIZE for Literature in 1998 – Israel’s highest honor to an author

Rabbi Benjamin Siegel
Author, Former President of Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies, Conservative/Masorti Rabbi, Former President of MELITZ Center for Jewish-Zionist Education in Israel

Aharon Yadlin
Former Minister of Education; Founder of Ben-Gurion University